Feeling Rising

Development ideas for 2020

Accelerate the technical cooperation between the Liansheng team and Shanghai Jiaotong University and the Chemical Engineering Institute, and increase the research and development of new environmentally friendly aromatic polyester polyols.

Determine the business model of R & D, production and trade, and provide satisfactory, value-for-money and memorable services.

Build a team full of positive energy and create a healthy and happy working environment.

The team manager helps the team members to improve and learn new skills; to be a good advisor and coach; to care for the team and put the team ’s macro blueprint in the heart (team mission, vision, value And strategy), and determine the direction of efforts, thinking about how to help yourself and other team members grow.

Continue to strengthen the contact and communication functions with government departments and industry associations.

Do a solid safety and environmental protection production publicity and education and safety and environmental protection culture construction, to create a comprehensive utilization of resources, environmentally friendly service enterprises.


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The 10th Anniversary of Shanghai Liansheng--Outbound Travel of Excellent Employees

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